Sunday, 6 June 2010

Wiggle - Day 715

We've had a busy weekend, here in Wiggle-world!

Sofy: "Can we play ball please?"

Wiggle: "Yay, lets play ball!"

Sofy: "Not fair! Wiggle has blue ball, I have no ball...."

Sofy: "Wheeeeeeeee! I have Big Ball!"

Sofy: "Big Ball is mine, all mine!"

Wiggle: "Ha! I have Blue Ball, don't care about Big Ball"

Sofy: "big Ball is the best ball"

Wiggle: "Don't care, won't care, Blue Ball is best!"

After the earlier ball games, the day got warmer so in the afternoon we headed over to the field and Wiggle and Sofy ran around, keeping cool in the long grass. Once they'd had dinner, they both crashed out for the evening!

This morning we went for a walk with a new girl on the block: Maddie

Maddie is now in foster care with our dogwalker as very little was known about her when she came into the care of LRSE&C. She's young, about 18 months old and although looking very much Labrador, due to the white patches and her height, more than likely is a Lab Cross.

After inital onlead introductions, Sofy and Wiggle ran around, coming back to do check on Maddie:


Wiggle walks ahead while Sofy and Maddie walk along together....

Maddie: "I wish I could run & play too!"

Maddie: "What are they doing?"


Despite only meeting this morning, they were all very well behaved and good together:

Maddie watches Wiggle disappear into the distance:

After over a week in kennels, Maddie likes the smells to be found in the great outdoors:

Back to the cars and time to go home.......

Sadly, although we hoped that Maddie would settle in her foster home and not have to look for another place to lay her head, it's not going to work out long term.

It's not Maddie's fault and so far, she has been a little sweetheart - she's clean, she clearly is happy in the company of other dogs and she is affectionate. Maddie loves to be fussed and also play with toys but she's unsure of being left at the moment.

Maddie is quite leggy for a Lab and in her puppy-like ways she does manage to knock anything flying that is in her path! That said, she is such a happy, waggy girl who really deserves to be in a home of her own. She's going to be a lot of fun!

For genuine enquiries, please contact Mindy, area co-ordinator for Labrador Rescue South East & Central - contact details on the website:


Lucy the Lab said...

Maddie looks like a sweet, fun girl & I hope she finds a wonderful forever home soon, so she can feel secure. Thanks to everyone for giving her a second chance!
Love, Wiggle's Girl,
Lucy the Lab xox

Fernando F. said...

Maddie is a sweetheart.
She looks very well behave, even in pictures. I hope she finds a place she can call home.
I wish Wiggle and Sofy could have a close living friend.
Those 2 are wonderful dogs and they will enjoy having a new partner to 'mess things around' :)