Friday, 4 June 2010

Wiggle - Day 713

This evening, Wiggle found a sponge in the garden. It was hidden under some plants and after Sofy had stolen his tennis ball, Wiggle found alternative entertainment and shredded the sponge.

I spoilt his fun though when I picked up all the little sponge pieces and cut the grass!

It's quite interesting to watch them both playing as there is some kind of gentle rivalry for toys. If Wiggle has a ball, Sofy will want it but rather than try and grab it, she will get something else and parade it in front of him in the hope that he will decide what she has is far more interesting.

Once Wiggle drops the ball, Sofy makes her move, getting the toy she wanted while Wiggle has Sofy's toy but then decide's his original toy was best!

As the Nylabone's are popular at the moment, Wiggle has been doing lots of chewing, but there is a smaller bone toy which Sofy ends up with, while watching what Wiggle is doing:

Watching Wiggle and Sofy play so nicely makes me so proud and so thankful to have ended up with two lovely Labrador's who get on so well...

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Lucy the Lab said...

You two do get on so well... What a pretty picture of Sofy! And I am so proud of how you shredded that sponge - well done!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab xox