Monday, 14 June 2010

Wiggle - Day 725

Wiggle and Sofy have had a very busy weekend - but as Blogger is being really slow uploading photo's, I'll have to split out the days!

Our weekend started on Saturday with my parents coming to visit in the morning, which of course was very exciting for Wiggle and Sofy. Even though the parcels with gifts were for my birthday, they were still very interested in everything and especially the bag full of tennis balls which my mum brought for Wiggle.

A little while later, Mindy arrived with Toby and Beenz so as it was a lovely day, we all went over to Bradford on Avon for a walk along the river. Even in the water, Wiggle runs ahead!

Lots of splashing:

Sofy gets the dummy:

On dry land again, Beenz followed Wiggle and Sofy:

Wiggle, having fun, on the run:

Sofy swims while Wiggle looks at me:

We had a little excitement when Wiggle got stuck in the river which was very scary for me, but thankfully he was calm and clung on to the riverbank while I managed to get his lead on after a couple of attempts and pull him out!

After all that it was definitely time for refreshments when we reached the pub:

On the way back, I made sure Wiggle kept to dry land, until we'd gone past the part of the river with the steep bank while Sofy was just enjoying being in the sunshine ....

More to come tomorrow, including a report about our day at Bowood Show!


Lucy the Lab said...

So glad you were rescued, my love! Looks like a fun day for all of you - I hope you got something nommy at the pub!
Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xox

Fernando F. said...

they always look as if they had a plan for the day way in advance.
I love to seeing all those dogs together... just relaxing.
I can only imagine the feeling of not being in control of that leash while Wiggle is having problems. I'm very happy the rescue didn't take too long.
very nice pics