Sunday, 27 September 2009

Wiggle - Day 465

Wiggle and I made the most of the lovely weather today with a nice long walk on the Downs. After we'd been out for our first walk in the morning, Sir H stayed at home as I knew he wouldn't want to go far.

As usual, Wiggle was running around straight away, ball in his mouth, as we walked up towards the woods:

Wiggle definitely had a spring in his step!

And flappy ears!

He's up there somewhere!

Waiting for the ball to be thrown:

Happy, smiley Wiggle:

Wiggle didn't stay sitting for long, not when there's a path to run along:

Shiney Wiggle!

Waiting for the ball. Again!

Got the ball!

And away he goes!!

Looking handsome in the autumn sunshine:

Still with his ball...

More handsomeness (although I'm not sure that's a proper word!)

Somehow Wiggle had some grass attached to his ear:

And then grass in his mouth!

Quick rest on the way back, with the woods in the background:

And when we got home, Sir H was where we'd left him, looking pleased about our return!

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