Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Wiggle - Day 439

Earlier today I took the boys up to the Downs. Although there were a few spots of rain on the way, once we got there it was dry, but very windy. Wiggle was straight out of the car and running around..

Sir H brought up the rear, at his own pace, as usual!

But before long, Sir H needed a lie down....

Wiggle didn't have time to stop and used his best pleading eyes face to get me to throw the ball for him:

Obviously I gave in and threw the ball and Wiggle was happy to chase around, boinging like a loon!

Sir H found himself a nice sunny spot in the long grass to have a lie down:

Wiggle was in the long grass to after losing the ball. He spent ages running and searching....

Until he found the ball and ran some more!

On the way back to the car, I thought I'd see how clever Wiggle could be and whether he could find his ball. He saw it, but had to think about how to get it down.....

He tried one way:

And then a big jump:

But he still couldn't quite reach.

Eventually Wiggle realised he was going to have to make a huge jump for dog-kind:

And grabbed the ball on his way over!

Clearly Wiggle was feeling smug and decided to have the last laugh......

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Anonymous said...

Wiggle, you were very clever to get your ball off of the bale! You looked so handsome & proud up there, too! And congrats on your rosette yesterday, too!
Jana & Lucy the Lab