Thursday, 24 September 2009

Wiggle - Day 462

Wiggle has been to school!

Despite all the different dogs that have been here, whether mine or on foster, I've never attended any proper classes. Although Wiggle is mostly a good boy, I thought it would do us both good to go back to school, reaffirm the basics he already know's and learn some new things too.

So this evening, we headed off for a class run by a local trainer and joined the group. Interestingly, it was all Labs!! A black girl, a yellow girl and a chocolate boy. Wiggle was very good and showed how he knows some things and we started to learn some new stuff too.

Wiggle seemed to enjoy himself and got lots of fuss and treats for being good. He must have found the class quite tiring as he's now fast asleep on the sofa!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wiggle! I went to school, too & now I'm a graduate! I even got a little diploma. I still do most of my commands nicely, except for "Stay" I keep popping up on that one!
Love, Lucy the Lab