Sunday, 6 September 2009

Wiggle - Day 444

Sir H didn't feel like walking far when we went out this morning, so only Wiggle came with me when I went to get dog food. Wiggle came into the shop and was a little naughty as he stole a biscuit from the Bonio Buffet! He then helped himself to a chew on a display next to the tills but we paid for that one!.

On the way home, we stopped off at Maude Heath so Wiggle could have a good run around.

As soon as we were in the field, Wiggle was giving me the pleading "throw the ball" eyes:

Once the ball was thrown, Wiggle was his happy self, running around....

Wiggle doesn't always aim very well when he goes to catch the ball and managed to execute a rather odd, head first catch!

Quick rest:

Rest over, time to run some more, ears flapping!

Ears under control again:

Wiggle leads the way.....

But comes back, with his ball.....

His motives were clear: to bring the ball back for me to throw!

Wiggle showing off his muddy mouth:

After the close up, Wiggle was ready for me to throw the ball again:

Wiggle decided to show off - he doesn't need to open the gate to go from field to field!

Another rest stop......

Handsome boy:

More running, before heading for home:

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