Friday, 11 September 2009

Wiggle - Day 449

We're in London for the weekend! Wiggle and Sir H were very excited when we arrived last night and pulled up outside Mindy's house. Toby and Beenz came straight out to greet us but after a while, they all settled down for some serious snoozing.

Today I took the boys up to the common for a walk. Wiggle brought his ball on a rope with him and enjoyed the wide space to run around...

Sir H took his usual slower pace and gave the grass a thorough sniffig!

Wiggle didn't have time to go slow and as usual, was racing around after his ball:

Starting to get a bit tired:

Sir H, doing his own thing:

After dropping Sir H back at the house, Wiggle and I went to visit Mindy and Paul at work. Wiggle had a good look around the showroom and popped next door to say hello to everyone, even though he hadn't been formally invited!


Teagan said...

Woof.. that sounds like fun. Will you be going to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen? Will look forward to hearing about all of your adventures! Teagan x x

Anonymous said...

Wiggle, you & Sir H are becoming quite cosmopolitan!
Lucy the Lab & her mom, Jana