Monday, 6 July 2009

Wiggle & Sir Go Camping

We had a great time at the OC camping weekend. Due to work, I couldn't get there for the first night on the Friday, but after coming home and getting the boys in the car, we reached the campsite in Oxfordshire late afternoon on Saturday.

Our friend Lynne had very kindly offered us room in her tent so it saved me having to take ours. After saying hello to everyone we took the dogs for a walk.

Lynne's Snoopy with Wiggle:

Wiggle and Amy's Louie, running around after the ball on a rope:

Snoopy, Louie & Wiggle:

Sir H, pootling along at his own pace:

In the evening, we joined the others for the bbq. Todd, Snoopy, Sir H and Wiggle found watching us eat very entertaining!

Wiggle, never one to be shy, sat on Steve, Kelly's other half:

Back at the tent before bedtime:

Lynne's tent is big so we all had plenty of room. Sir H decided he didn't want to sleep with us and stayed in the porch area but in the early hours I woke up and realised he was missing! After Wiggle and I searched around in the dark, we eventually found him curled up where we'd all been sitting for the bbq in the evening! After retrieveing Sir H and zipping him into the sleeping area with the rest of us, we slept through until morning.

After talking to other campers, it seems Sir H went on a bit of a midnight feast, snuffling around other tents! I've since found out that some of our fellow campers thought there was a fox outside their tents, but then they heard the jangle of collar tags - sounds like it was Sir H!

Snoopy, Wiggle and Louie, waiting for their walk while we had breakfast:

Todd & Snoopy:

Sir H, still worn out after his night time activities:

Sirius from the Dogstar Foundation was at the camping weekend, staying with Amy

On Sunday morning, after breakfast, we took the dogs for a walk again before heading home. Wiggle was playing with his ball:

While Sir H, Todd & Snoopy found interesting smells:

Lynne's Todd:

Sir H finds some energy, with Wiggle in the background:

Even though we were only able to stay for one night, we enjoyed ourselves and I'm now looking to take the boys somewhere for a weekend of camping...

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