Monday, 13 July 2009

Wiggle - Day 389

We've been over to Neigh Bridge Lake, part of the Cotswold Water Parks, today. Although it rained earlier, we managed to have a nice sunny walk.

Wiggle was enjoying the sunshine:

He was keen to get in the water, but it was a bit steep so he just stood looking handsome next to the lake!

Soon enough though, the boys found water and were happy!

Sir H got in for his customary wallow while Wiggle was running around with his tennis ball:

Sir H gets a spring in his step!

Back to the path and more running around:

Waiting for the ball (last time we were here, there was much more water!)

Even though it wasn't so deep, there was enough water for Wiggle to splash around:

Back to dry land again:

Sir H blows water out of his nose!

While Wiggle is back in and swimming for his ball:

Each doing their favourite things - wallowing & swimming:

Splashing about:

Wiggle, still swimming, while Sir H has had enough of the water:


Sir H watches from dry land:

Wiggle, watched by the ducks:

And with a new found friend!

Last swim before heading back to the car:

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