Sunday, 19 July 2009

Wiggle - Day 395

Sir H had a good night and is eating most of his chicken and rice. Mostly the chicken! He's been having a little scrambled egg too though and small meals seem to suit him better at the moment.

We're back at the vets tomorrow evening but I'm very happy that Sir H had a quiet night. Wiggle is happy to have him home and has been checking up on the patient, so all is well again right now.

Here's a little video from yesterday of Sir H, enjoying the fresh air on the Downs:


Nicky said...

What a beautiful boy! I am so glad he is back home and I hope he continues to get better. Big hugs from me and my lab Rory ( Sir H's double!) x

Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

Pleased he is slowly improving.
Bless him he is gorgeous, I do so love the "oldies".
Give him a big hug from me.