Saturday, 17 March 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,367

Wiggle, Sofy and I are in London!  We drove up at lunchtime, meeting Mindy as she got home from work just after 1pm and Wiggle and Sofy were very excited to see Toby and Beenz.  After everyone had said hello, we all wentover to Wimbledon for a nice walk.

While at Wimbledon we stopped for lunch, sharing our toasted sandwiches with the dogs.  Now we're all relaxing - Beenz on one sofa:

Toby is on the other sofa:

Wiggle is lounging on the dogbed in the kitchen....

.... or maybe he's guarding the chicken roasting in the oven!

Sofy's just being Sofy, hoping that her assistance might be needed, cooking dinner:


Fernando F. said...

Tobee and Benz look exhausted.
Wiggle is wagging his tail so I think he has his eyes on the chicken.
Sofy couldn't have a more adorable and imploring face.
Nice to see them all together again. Looks like a riot.

Flower Deadwood said...

Sophi is saying pretty please with sugar on top can I some chicken....