Friday, 16 March 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,366

Today I had the day off, but I hadn't told Wiggle and Sofy as I had my car booked in for its MOT, so we were up and out early, as if I was going to work.  It was light enough for a run in the field before I went out, so when I came home later in the morning, they were both surprised to see me!

This afternoon, we went for a walk across the fields, hoping to see the sheep.  Wiggle was happy to be out in the field:

Leading the way, across the little bridge:

Still in front, following the path around the field:

Checking out the hole dug by badgers:

Sofy would have probably gone in the hole!

Running to catch up:

Where are the sheep?!  We could hear them, but they were in a field further away:

We crossed over to the field across the lane and saw sheeps, but no lambs:

These sheep live in the field across the road from our house.  We can often hear them baaa'ing to each other and soon there will be lambs!

Wiggle, watching the sheeps:

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Anonymous said...

very lovely blog about Labradors... i love the pictures of your labs. I also have a male yellow lab, now almost 9 months old his name is Gregory.