Thursday, 1 March 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,351

Today I had the day off work as Wiggle had an appointment at the vets to see the skin specialist for his annual check-up.  When Wiggle went for his vaccination booster at the end of September after discussing the Atopica dose with the vet, we reduced the amount slightly, so alternating the 50mg every other day with 25mg every other day, but it seems that dose was just a little toolow for Wiggle.  He's been having more problems with his ears which are related to his allergies so as the 50mg dose suited Wiggle better, we'll got back to that, every other day.  

Wiggle had a thorough examination and overall is in good health and has some new drops for his ears and will carry on with the Atopica.  As the drugs can affect major organs, Wiggle went back to the vet this afternoon to have bloods taken but was such a good boy, he was in and out in under 5 minutes! 

We left Sofy at home with a chewy stick this morning but this afternoon she came too and we stopped at Maude Heath on the way home, for some playtime in the sunshine:

Sofy had a spring in her step!

In fact, she was jumping for joy to be playing in the afternoon sun!

Wiggle, happy in the knowledge that he is a Good Boy, because the vet both said so:

Sofy tries a low dive for the ball:

Lovely, sunny afternoon:

Sofy decides to go through the fence... to see what's in the next field:

Wiggle didn't think the grass was greener!

Both starting to get tired:

I knew Wiggle was getting tired as he stopped bringing back the ball for me to throw:

Wiggle didn't need to wait for me to open the gate:

Heading for home.....

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Fernando F. said...

I'm so glad you are taking such care of Wiggle. He is such a handsome Lab.
Sofy is looking very athletic today.
They are so lucky to be at your care.