Sunday, 4 March 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,354

This morning, we had horrid, rainy weather here so when we went to the field, Wiggle and Sofy both got muddy and wet - and I did too!  Once we were home, Wiggle and Sofy wore their fleece's to dry off.  Wiggle always looks handsome when he wears his jumper:

This afternoon, we were going to visit a special girl - lovely Bella who stayed here for a while back in the autumn of 2009.  This was Bella then:

Bella had been found, abandoned and bald:

Bella was a sweet little thing, although Sir H didn't like her for some reason, but Wiggle enjoyed her company:

Bella is looking fab now though!

Bella lives with two grown up humans and 3 small humans and 4 other labbies!  She's in charge of everyone and doing so well, she hardly looks like the Baldy Bella who stayed with us.

After hailstone showers and heavy rain, we took Wiggle and Sofy out with Bella, Boo and Vernon.  Sofy found a puddle to splash in:

Wiggle, Vernon and Boo:

Four Black Lab's:

Here come's Bella!

Lovely and furry, no more bald patches:

Vernon - he's actually very similar to Wiggle.  Around the same age as Wiggle, Vernon is the newest family member and is a sweet boy, deaf and had had skin problems.  He and Wiggle liked each other and followed each other while we walked.

We've had a lovely afternoon and it was great to catch up with Bell and her family, even though Wiggle was embarassing and went into the house and did a poo in the dining room!  Sofy was a bit overwhelmed by it all and grumbled, curling her lip a few times but thankfully the other dogs took no notice of her grumpy mood.  She cheered herself up when she found something to eat in the bushes....


Lucy the Lab said...

Yay for Bella! She looks so pretty and happy now! So nice to see a group of happy labs (even Sofy, after she found something icky to eat, BOL!)

Wiggle looks exceptionally cute in his warm fleece.

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Rubyjen said...

Snuggly Wiggle,soggy Sofy. Love the fact we can't see Bella's tail as it is wagging soooo hard! X

The Teacher's Pets said...

How wonderful to see Bella looking so much better after receiving treatment for her skin! I am new to your blog and will go back and read Wiggle's story from the beginning to catch up!
P.S. I am your newest follower!

Fernando F. said...

so nice to see another happy story: Bella.
breaks my heart seeing her previous condition. Bella now is a wagging-tail happy dog.
Wiggle looks, as usual, handsome on that fleece.