Saturday, 29 October 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,227

This morning we went out to get dogfood, so that meant a stop at Maude Heath on the way back for some playtime. Wiggle and Sofy were in the back of the car, sitting patiently during their journey:

A lovely, sunny autumn day:

Wiggle and Sofy were both enjoying the sunny day:

Sofy boinged around with the ball, while Wiggle helped himself to a quick snack - cowpoop!

Snack over, Wiggle was running with the ball, with Sofy hot on his heels:

Sofy found a nice muddy puddle to splash around in:

Another look at the view:

Somehow, both Wiggle and Sofy were looking the wrong way when I threw the ball, so Wiggle was busy running around, trying to find it (Sofy was busy snacking):

Wiggle was running, searching for the ball:

Getting closer......

Seen the ball!

And bringing it back to me:

Well done Wiggle!

Sofy was looking pleased that the ball had been found, even though she didn't bother to help find it!

Next throw and it was Wiggle who was quickest:

Sofy went in for the sideways tackle:

And in the process, Wiggle got covered in slobber!

Wiggle stopped for another quick snack, while Sofy was running towards me....

But then Wiggle was beside her, and they had other things on their mind:


I wasn't sure at this point if Sofy remembered that she had been carrying the ball:

The ball, barely floating in the muddy water:

Sofy tried to get it out:

But before we knew what was happening, Wiggle dived in and got the ball!

A muddy faced Wiggle:

Sofy, looking very sulky that she didn't get the ball, even though she had mud on her chin!

Equally muddy....


Carol said...

They are busy labs this morning. I just love the muddy faces

Fernando F. said...

Sofy is a lady.
She was not going to put that muddy ball on her mouth.
They make a good team when playing.