Sunday, 16 October 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,214

After a chilly start, we have had another lovely, sunny autumn day here in our corner of the world. Wiggle and Sofy got nice and damp in the field this morning, running around in the dewy grass, then later, Wiggle lay in the sun, watching me, hoping something fun was going to happen:

Today turned into the kind of day which reminds me why autumn is my favourite season, so this afternoon we went for a walk along the old railway track.

Wiggle leads the way:

Sofy sat for the ball while Wiggle, as always, was a few steps ahead:

Bringing the ball back to me:

"Now throw it again!"

Sofy follows Wiggle, enjoying the sunny afternoon:

Sitting in the sunshine, Sofy being particularly good at matching the autumn colours!

Wiggle, coming back to check on me:

Walking through the tunnel of tree's:

We came up to a bridge, which must be quite old as its a fair few years since the railway line stopped coming this way!

Wiggle found some water - a little stream running down the bank, so got in to get his paws wet:

After that lovely, sunny walk, Wiggle and Sofy are lounging around, resting....


Lucy the Lab said...

What a lovely walk! We like autumn, best, too...

Wiggle, did you leave peemail on that bridge? BOL!

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Fernando F. said...

what a beautiful place.
that bridge looks amazing.

dogsforlife said...

That was a lovely story in photos.
Our Pointer loves balls, especially tennis balls she will just keep bringing her ball back for us to throw again and again and again.............I think you understand!