Saturday, 1 October 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,199

We're enjoying the unseasonally warm weather and started our morning at 7.30am with a walk across the field. We met up with Wiggle and Sofy's Labbie friends Daisy and Smudge so all the dogs had a fun time, running around together in the morning mist.

The dogfood bin was getting near to empty so a bit later this morning we went to buy food and then stopped at Maude Heath on the way back.

Sofy was ready to run:

As usual, Wiggle ran ahead for the ball:

Wiggle gets the ball, despite Sofy's best efforts to dive and grab!

Running in the sun:

Still misty down the hill:

Wiggle and Sofy were both enjoying their playtime:

Running, playing and enjoying having all the space to themselves:

Handsomest Wiggle:

Sofy, concentrating on the ball in my hand:

Sofy's concentration worked and she got the ball!

Wiggle was ignoring his diet and snacking on cowpoop:

Cowpoop snack proof!

Sofy was grabbing leaves as well as the ball:

Running away.....

... and running back again:

Sitting on the bench, having a rest:

Rest over, more running, having the whole field to ourselves:

Wiggle was starting to get tired, slowing down as he brought the ball back...

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

Wiggle being 100 meters ahead to catch the ball... still funny!
Sofy with a mouthful of grass... also funny!
The fields look amazing.
Those are 2 happy dogs.