Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,218

The Labrador Rescue South East & Central 2012 Calendar has arrived!

This year, the theme is humorous Labs and each month features a lovely LRSE&C rescue Labrador. Here's Wiggle, admiring the calendar, with dear old Sir H as the cover boy:

Lovely Sir H, happily wallowing in the mud:

Wiggle also features:

Sofy, is not in the calendar. And is sulking......

The calendar's really are great and are what every home needs! They are very reasonably priced too, just £7.50 inc P&P for the wall calendar and £3.50 inc P&P for a desk calendar. Postage overseas can be arranged, at the relevant cost.

Profits from the calendar will go to the charity, so if you would like one of these Fabbie Labbie calendars, please email and I'll send you the order form.


Fernando F. said...

the great Sir H. I wasn't sure if that was his picture before he was rescue. I had to read the post :)
If the theme is humorous Labs I'm surprise the Sofy's picture sitting in that sofa half way is not included in the calendar.
Seeing Sir H in the cover is an excellent tribute to him. He had the best time living with you and Wiggle.

Lucy the Lab said...

I do miss seeing Sir H happily woogling... Cute little Sofy, looking sad that she's not included in the calendar. Of course Wiggle is by far the handsomest :)
Love, Wiggle's Best Girl
Lucy the Lab xx