Sunday, 1 November 2015

Wiggle - Day 2,706

These days Wiggle is definitely a 'senior'.  His fastest pace is an occasional trot as he is more comfortable walking and he seems to sleep a lot more.  His eyes are cloudy and he doesn't hear very well.  He also has times when he forgets where he is and if he needs to poo, well, he poo's.  But no matter what, I love him to bits and I dread the day I have to say goodbye.

Last weekend I was away in Edinburgh for work so Wiggle and Sofy went and stayed with Lilly and her family but although I know they will be well cared for, I still miss them both so much.

Of all the rescue Labrador's that I've had over the years, Wiggle has been with me the longest.  And while each of Wiggle's predecessor's have been special, there's something extra specially special about Wiggle.


Ray and the Gang said...

Just like there will only be one Mr. Shaq, there can only be one Wiggle. We love them all but there is that special one who is our heart Lab.

FerFer1958 said...

the day you say goodbye, you also have to say "mission accomplish"... the mission being go give our pets the best life possible... and he has it... and Sofy has it too... he might not be running but I can feel he is content, as much as 5 years ago, and he needs nothing more than what he has now.