Sunday, 18 October 2015

Wiggle - Day 2,692

We're feeling very autumnal in our part of the world and yesterday Sofy and I walked into town, kicking up leaves on our way.  Sofy was especially happy when she found a wall to jump up on:

Wiggle stayed home because he wouldn't have managed the walk but he's happy and has been keeping warm and snuggly, wrapped up in his blankie:

Sofy has been resting in the armchair:

Once the sun was up, Wiggle made sure he was laying in the best place:

He came out in the garden with me while I did some work, although he didn't bother to play with his giant tennis ball:

My handsome boy:

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Milo and Jet said...

Looks like a nice walk :) Nothing is better then a nice rest in the sun :) Milo & Jet