Monday, 19 May 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,155

Yesterday morning Wiggle and I did another Pets as Therapy visit and everyone was pleased to see us.  Probably more pleased to see Wiggle!  After we'd visited both lounges and some residents in their rooms, we sat outside for a while with a group of ladies who were enjoying the sunshine.  We were having such a good time and Wiggle getting so much fuss that we stayed half an hour longer than usual!

In the afternoon, we decided the best way to cool down on a warm day was a walk in the shade:

Wiggle waited by the gate:

Sofy didn't wait!

Once in the field, Sofy was running in the sun:

While Wiggle was headed for the river:

Sofy prefers speed to style and made a big splash:

Wiggle was taking things slower, paddling in the cool water:

Sofy was confused - the tennis ball that she missed floated off down river.  Silly Sofy!

Back in the buttercups:

Sofy caught the ball and managed not to lose it:

Back in the water to cool down, Wiggle kept a firm hold on the ball:

Sofy was just splashing and dunking her head under water:

Enough of paddling, Wiggle was drying off while running:

Sofy was still soggy:

Just being handsome:

And handsome while standing:

Sofy, looking at the sky:

Wiggle looking at me!

And the end of our walk:


FerFer1958 said...

Sofy looking at the sky is a very nice picture.
Sofy can really jump.

Wiggle is truly a handsome boy.

Ray and the Gang said...

It is always fun to see pictures of Sofy clearing the fence.

It is no surprise that Wiggle is a hit at his work place.