Saturday, 10 May 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,146

This weekend we are in London, house-sitting while Mindy and Paul are away at a family party.  We arrived yesterday evening and straight away met young Haggis:

Sofy tried out his bed (even though it was a bit small for her):

After lots of playing and tail chasing, Haggis was worn out:

Cato was so tired after being reunited with her best friend Sofy that she fell asleep with the toy in her mouth:

Wiggle sought refuge and cuddles on the sofa:

This morning Haggis went to work with Paul and Mindy while Cato came out with Wiggle, Sofy and me:

Cato was too busy to sit for a group photo:

Ball games:

Back at the house, sitting nicely:

Uncle Wiggle and little Haggis:

Cato and Haggis:

This afternoon Wiggle and me took Haggis out for a latte.  Haggis found it very tiring being admired and soon fell asleep in my arms:

Wiggle enjoyed finishing my caramel latte:

One tired little puppy....

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Rubyjen said...

Wiggle and Sofy-you are so good and patient putting up with the demon Haggis. Look at his little paddy paws! Xx