Thursday, 1 May 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,137

 Yesterday evening I had been invited to an evening of presentations at the vets talking about causes and treatments of skin allergies in dogs.  On the way, we stopped off at Maud Heath for a run:

Wiggle enjoyed some rain-free exercise:

The grass was long in the field so pretty quickly the ball was lost and a search party required:

Sofy got bored of searching, but Wiggle wouldn't give up:

Still looking:

Found it!

Wiggle: "I found the ball, but now you're going to throw it away again?!"

Our audience:

Unfortunately, just before we left, Wiggle pulled one of his toe nails nearly off but as we were heading to the vets, he was seen straight away.  The nice vet clipped off the remaining nail and put a dressing on his poorly paw (red, of course!).  After we got back home, he somehow lost the dressing but thankfully his paw is ok and the nail will eventually grow back...


FerFer1958 said...

that ball should have some kind of catnip (dognip?) to help with the search.
so sad about Wiggle's nail. but relief that isn't really bad.

Ray and the Gang said...

Mr. Shaq managed to rip a few nails off in his life, all was fine after a couple weeks.