Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,114

Today we've had some lovely spring weather so this evening we made the most of it with a walk along the old railway track.

Once over the bridge, Wiggle had one thing on his mind:

His tennis ball!

Once Wiggle had his ball, he was off:

Sofy and I walked along behind, spotting wildlife:

Spring flowers:

Spring lambs:

And lots of rabbits!

Wiggle wasn't so interested in the flora and fauna.....

Sofy stayed on lead as she would have loved to have got closer to the pheasants!

Wiggle came back to us as he had a plan:

Sofy had the same plan too:

Into the field!  Sofy didn't wait to use the dogflap, preferring to leap over instead:

Once in the field, Sofy wasn't watching where the ball went:

Next throw and she was more observant:

Finally, Sofy brought the ball back:

Our lovely spring evening:

And at the end of our walk, the obligatory Halt photo:

Today's post is dedicated to Chomo, a special Black Labbie girl who very suddenly passed away.  Our thoughts are with you, Ray xx


FerFer1958 said...

such nice set of pictures.
they look very happy after this long winter.
I saw my first groundhog in Montreal a couple of days ago. He was given peanuts, by me, as usual.

Miley's Daily Scoop said...

What a beautiful walk, how lucky!! Looking froward to following you!

Ray and the Gang said...

Thank you