Saturday, 5 April 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,111

This morning Wiggle and I went on our first visit as Pets As Therapy volunteers.

We visited a care home for elderly residents and Wiggle was a Very Good Boy.  He met some residents in the lounge and some in their rooms and shared his affection with everyone he met.  The residents were all very pleased to see him and it was lovely to see them smile as they stroked Wiggle and he wagged with pleasure.

The home also cares for residents who have dementia but of course Wiggle doesn't know that, he just enjoyed having them stroke him.

Wiggle made me proud, being the kind, gentle boy that he is and we are looking forward to visiting again in a couple of weeks.


FerFer1958 said...

awww! Wiggle being himself, a gentle Lab, bringing a nice moment to people. I'm sure you are very proud of him. And for Wiggle is a new thing to do that brings him extra petting :)

Cocos Mommy said...

Wiggle has a Bumi too! Coco loves hers!