Sunday, 16 June 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,820

Another day of sun and showers but we did get out across the fields this afternoon after the rain had stopped.

Wiggle ran on ahead:

Sofy was staying closer to me:

Wiggle ran on into the next field, doing his own thing:

Sofy - shorter than the grass!

Wiggle found a small gap in the hedge to go through to the next field, but soon came back again:

Back on the same path:

Sofy was smiley and happy:

Wiggle was running with his ball:

Through the cornfield:

Wiggle knew the way to go - back into the next field, over the little bridge:

Heading up the field, toward home:

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

in the first pic Wiggle is biting his upper lip and Sofy has grass coming out her mouth... so cute. they might be having fun.
That Wiggle is a real explorer. Maybe he is comparing smells from his previous walks.