Monday, 10 June 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,814

More of the photo's from yesterday's lovely walk in the sunshine!

After splashing about in the river, Wiggle wanted to run in the meadow with his ball:

Wiggle demonstrates what happens when he's damp from the river and runs through the buttercups - a petal on his cute little nosey!

Tails up, bounding through the tall flowers:

What a beautiful sight!  Wiggle and Sofy on a beautiful day, waiting for the ball:

Two faces of concentration:

If the grass gets any taller, I'll lose Wiggle and Sofy!

Apparently the secret to not getting lost in the tall flowers is to run with flappy ears:

Wiggle wanted to see what was down near the gate:

Sofy went under the stile but came back when she decided that there wasn't anything interesting on the other side:

Wiggle was busy sniffing and nearly got left behind:

Wiggle: "Wait for me!"

Here's my boy:

Sofy, more comedy running:

Quick rest:

Sofy thought I'd dropped a biscuit so we'd walked a way ahead of her:

Catching up with us:

Coming out of the field, back through the dog-flap:

Wiggle know's where he's going:

To 'his' halt:


Fernando F. said...

I thought Wiggle and Sofy lived in England but apparently they live in Paradise.
The pictures are beautiful.
Sofy's comedy running is very funny.

Ray and the Gang said...

Yay!!! Black Dog Halt, with a Black dog waiting for his train to come.