Sunday, 9 June 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,813

Today's been another hot and sunny day for us so we decided that our afternoon walk would be along the old railway track, in the shade of the tree's.  Wiggle just wanted his ball:

And once he had his tennis ball, he was off on his own:

Sofy stayed on lead:

The dappled shade and Wiggle was just a black shape up ahead:

Clearly Wiggle knew where he was going:

But he needed a little help with the dog-flap:

Once in the field, Wiggle was off through the beautiful buttercups:

Sofy was boinging around too:

Sitting in the sunshine, surrounded by flowers:

Wiggle was soon heading for one side of the field:

Sofy was following behind:

Sofy managed to look especially daft as she ran through the meadow:

They were both heading for the best place to cool down their paws!

Wiggle was paddling:

Sofy was looking like she wasn't really sure what to do next:

Meanwhile, Wiggle took his ball and ran:

But changed his mind and came back:

More splashing around:

Waiting for the ball to be thrown:

Wiggle got the ball and kept it:

We had such a lovely walk that I took lots of photo's so there'll be more tomorrow!


Fernando F. said...

very nice set of pictures.
I like to see all those yellow flowers on the green grass.

Lucy the Lab said...

Very idyllic!

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx