Saturday, 23 March 2013

Wiggle & Sofy's Trip to the Beach, part 2

Wiggle and Sofy have hardly been awake since their trip to the beach yesterday.  Clearly, all that running around on the sand and in the sea was very tiring!

Running by the water:

Running in the water!

One of my favourite photo's - boingy, happy Wiggle!

A Wiggle-print:

In the absence of any benches, Sofy found a big rock to climb on:

Jumping into the waves to get the ball:

Soggy and sandy:

Sofy was equally damp:

Wiggle ran with Sofy while she bought the ball back:

Uncontrollable ears:

The gloomy day didn't stop play:

Diving for the ball:

Sofy was ready to pounce on the ball:

While had created a strange mono-brow with a combination of sand and slobber:

Sofy and her Yoda-ears:

Last run on the beach:

Back in the car, wearing fleece's to dry off:

On the way home, cuttle little ponies:


Fernando F. said...

in "uncontrollable ears" Wiggle seems to be indicating in which direction to throw the ball.

the "boingy and happy Wiggle" picture shows exactly Wiggle's personality.

Sofy looks so lady-like in all her pictures. so sweet.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, what cute ponies!