Friday, 29 March 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,741

As today was a day off for Good Friday, we had a nice afternoon walk across in the field.  Wiggle spent a while sniffing a big lump of earth:

Sofy went to see what was so interesting but then they both decided it was just a boring lump of earth after all:

Wiggle and his tennis ball:

A few games of fetch and Wiggle let Sofy have the ball:

Wiggle wanted to go into the next field:

But soon came back when he realised we were walking in a different direction:

Wiggle then decided to do his own thing and carry on up the field:

Sofy was keeping closer to me:

Wiggle did some more sniffing:

Enjoying the afternoon sun:

Soon it was time for Wiggle to come back to me to have his lead put on and to walk back home:

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