Saturday, 2 March 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,714

This morning we had errands to run and dog food to buy so we stopped at Maude Heath.  Wiggle wasted no time in stretching his legs:

Sofy went for the 'crash and catch' approach:

Despite her ungainly moves, Sofy was fine:

Once Wiggle had the ball again, he was running and running:

Wiggle quickly moved out of Sofy's way:

A moment of calm:

And then more running!

"This is my cute, throw the ball stare":

Sofy was so excited to bring the ball back to me that she dropped it:

But soon she had a better grip:

"Please throw the ball so I can get it before Sofy":

And he did! 

"Yes, I *may* have found some cowpoopsnacks":

Wiggle adopts an interesting way of catching the ball....

Soon it was time to carry on with our day, so Wiggle kept hold of the ball as we headed back to the car:

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

such a nice day for running.
It looks like Wiggle was sitting on that ball.
Spring is coming. I saw the first signs (a hole through the snow) of a groundhog waking up here in Montreal.