Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,690

Today is Wiggle's Twitter Birthday!

Since joining Twitter on 6th February 2009, Wiggle has gained over 2,100 followers and with a little help from me, made nearly 32,000 tweets.
We have got to know other dog lovers from around the world, helped to promote rescue Labrador's and LRSE&C.  We've even heard that its through Wiggle's tweets that one or two of our lovely homeless Labrador's are now in their forever homes.
Wiggle met and fell in love with the gorgeous choccie LucytheLab and through Twitter, Lucy's mom and I became good friends, with me visiting Lucy and her mom in Seattle last year!
Wiggle will celebrate his Twitter Birthday with a nommy little snack.  And then tweet about it!


Fernando F. said...

Happy Birthday blogging Wiggle.
I think I can say without any doubt that I have read most of those 32,000 tweets :)
thanks to you Wendy for sharing so many of Wiggle wonderful adventures.

Lucy the Lab said...

Yay! A treat- (or is that tweet-) worthy celebration for my love!

I'm pretty sure I've read all or most of all those 32,000 tweets, too!

I am grateful to twitter for bringing me & Wiggle together & for our humans to become good friends :)

Now, about those treats! *staring at Wiggle's human*

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl
Lucy the Lab xx