Wednesday, 20 February 2013

URGENT - Special Appeal for Millie

Urgent news in from LRSE&C for a special little Lab called Millie.

Millie is a gorgeous dark yellow pup.  Thankfully she is now in the care of LRSE&C and desperately needs a CT scan, at a cost of approximately £1,000.

This is why LRSE&C urgently needs donations:

"Millie had been taken to a veterinary practice in South London by her owners, suffering dehydration and severe breathing difficulties. They had bought her 11 weeks ago from, we assume, a Puppy Trafficer and she had been very unwell from the first day they to...ok her home. By the time they had asked Labrador Rescue South East and Central for help, as they could no longer afford treatment for Millie, she was suffering chronic pneumonia and was given a 60/40 % chance of survival. She was admitted for hospitalisation immediately with the owners relinquishing their interest in Millie and LRSEC agreeing to cover the cost of treatment. It was touch and go for 48 hours, but Millie clung to life and began to improve despite the odds being stacked against her. After 5 days of hospitalisation and two lots of I.V antibiotics, Millie was able to leave the Vets and go into a loving and committed foster home for continued nursing and convalescence.

Millie is doing very well, but is by no means out of the woods yet. She will need further treatment before she is well enough to be re-homed and that special home will need to be able to offer the love and attention she's deserves for the rest of her life, which we hope will be a long, happy and healthy one.

We are looking for sponsorship for Millie so that we will always fund treatment for her current condition which could recur in the future if the Pneumonia proves to have caused long term damage to her lungs."
If you can help, please go to the LRSE&C Website to make a donation.  The charity saved Wiggle and we hope funds can be raised to help care for Millie.
Thank you


Rubyjen said...
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Rubyjen said...

We've bought some raffle tickets in Millie's Golden Bucket Draw. Hope she's doing ok. X