Thursday, 21 February 2013

UPDATE - Little Millie Pup

Following on from yesterday's blog post, this evening there is an update from LRSE&C Trustee Mindy:

"Update on Millie. She's not very well - tonight she has been taken off one lot of antibiotics due to the risk of joint damage they may cause. It may be she has to go back on them tomorrow - Julie is en route to the vets now to pick them up. Julie is taking her to the specialists on Monday it is hoped that they can do the ct whilst Julie waits and then depending on the results if they can do something she will stay in for whatever hopefully the treatment will be.

She needs to get better over the weekend to be able to cope with the long journey. I have to be honest with you all that there is no guarantee that all will be fine but she deserves every thought and help we can all give her to give her the chance."

LRSE&C would be very grateful for a donation, large or small, to help with costs for Millie's care.

Thank you.

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Ray and the Gang said...

Working with Rescues is a tough job. You do all you can for them, but sometimes .....

We are dealing with a horrible one right now where she was set on fire. Probably lose a leg and an ear.

Oh well just makes me sick at times. Then I think of all the Wiggles, Sophy's and Sir H's and the countless others that we could help.