Sunday, 7 October 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,571

This afternoon we went up to the Downs for a walk, making the most of the dry, mild, autumnal day.  Wiggle was giving me "the look", letting me know his plans:

Sofy couldn't keep up as Wiggle pounced for the ball:

Bringing the ball back:

And then running off with it again!

Sofy increased her pace and soon got the ball:

But next throw, Wiggle was quickest:

Once Wiggle was starting to get tired, he kept hold of the ball, not letting me throw it, his sign that he's had enough:

Two tired Labbies:

Wiggle was leading the way, back to the car...

Today is a special day - it's LucytheLab's 11th birthday!  Wiggle loves his Lucy and is looking forward to hearing about her birthday treat - a trip to Dicks Drive In's for nommy cheeseburger and fries! 

Happy Birthday Lucy!


Ray and the Gang said...

Happy Birthday Lucy. May you have many more.

When Mr. Shaq would get tired he would take his ball to the other side of the river and make like he was using the bathroom until he was ready to play again. ;)

Lucy the Lab said...

I love Wiggle"s intense " throw the ball" stare :)

Thanks,Ray! I told mom that Mr. Shaq's longevity was due to frequent ingesting of pizza but I'm not sure if I have her convinced to switch from kibble to pizza....

Love, Wiggle's best girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Angus and Milo said...

That look like great place to go for a run around chasing your ball and happy 11th birthday to Lucy

From Milo & Jet