Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,567

It's definitely feeling like autumn now, with the light fading fast in the evenings but tonight we managed to get into the field for our walk while it was still light.  Wiggle and Sofy were sniffing around:

There were ball games:

Blurry running!

And running through the long wet grass makes Wiggle a little soggy!


Fernando F. said...

that Wiggle is such a handsome boy (last pic).
he seems to be about to say something.

Lucy the Lab said...

Handsome Wiggle!

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Angus and Milo said...

Wiggle you look very handsome in that last photo and you like you had great fun chasing after your toy from Milo & Jet