Sunday, 22 April 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,403

Our weekend has mostly consisted of typical April weather - sunshine, then showers.  We managed to time our walks well though, and Wiggle and Sofy were able to get out and enjoy some playtime.

Yesterday morning, we went to the field across the road and Wiggle had a sping in his step, running around with his ball:

Wiggle was a Leaping Lab:

Both Wiggle and Sofy took a low, fast approach to race for the ball:

Sofy was quickest though and came boinging back to me, very pleased with herself:

Ballgames stopped for some grazing:

Once the ballgames had started again, Sofy was getting into a tangle with the rope:

This morning we had more sunshine and rain but this afternoon, we were able to enjoy a dry and at times, sunny, walk at the Downs:

Perfect for some BIG running!

Next throw and Wiggle was watching me, while Sofy was watching the ball:

In a rare show of concentration, Sofy was still watching the ball:

"Can't you see, I'm VERY busy watching the ball?!"

Wiggle decided he wanted to run ahead, have some time to himself:

But before long, he came back to me:

My handsome, handsome boy:

Sweet Sofy, struggling to keep control of her ears:

As LucytheLab would say: Running like little racing ponies!

Wiggle demonstrates how he has to position his tongue to one side, in order to carry the ball:

After lots of running and playing, heading back to the car, Sofy checks we're still following her:

Still with his ball, tired but happy, one Wiggle and his ball:


Fernando F. said...

another wonderful set of pictures.
a nice days and 2 wonderful dogs.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent walk that was and you were so lucky to miss the showers. I went out twice with dad today and the second time we got absolutely drenched so I made him take me home early.
I bet Sofy will sleep well tonight after all that ball watching, that can be sooo tiring.
Edit: On my 14th attempt at getting the words right...

Anonymous said...

Me again Wiggle, just testing.