Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,251

For Sofy, Wee Strike entered another day today. She is still refusing to wee out by the patio while Wiggle is less fussy!

Last night we had heavy rain so the ground was wet this morning, which meant that if Wiggle and Sofy could have gone on the grass, they'd have got very muddy! We have heavy clay soil here which really holds the water, so over the winter, the garden can turn into a bog, which can't be very nice for paws.

A few weeks ago I had cleared out a dead conifer at the side of the patio, so combined with the pea gravel and fallen leaves, Wiggle seems quite happy with the new bathroom facilities. I don't know how long Sofy will last with her protest, but the irony is that when we stay with our London friends, she has no problem with going to the bathroom in their paved garden!

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Teagan said...

Oh no, is that horrid fence up again? Mum tries to get me to wee out on the gravel or flowerbeds out at the back of the house... I don't mind that but I do prefer using the grass. BOL I like seeing how many dead patches I can make :)