Sunday, 20 November 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,249

Wiggle and Sofy's day started off well - Wiggle had slept on my bed, then in the early hours, he got up and when I woke, Sofy was laying next to me, on her back with her paws in the air, snoring loudly. We were up quite early again and went to the field so they had fun, running around, chasing the tennis ball before coming home for their breakfast and Sunday morning treat of a splash of milk after their kibble.

Then, as far as they were concerned, the day started to go downhill. Wiggle lay upstairs in the bedroom while I changed the bedlinen, realising that the clean covers meant he wouldn't be sleeping on my bed tonight.

Late, while Wiggle was snoozing on the sofa, I snuck outside and put up the temporary fence, separating the grass from the patio. This time of year, Wiggle and Sofy don't spend so much time outside and with the ground being clay soil, it just gets boggy and eventually muddy.

Once the fence was up, Wiggle and Sofy came out to see what I had been doing and were not impressed!

They both tried to find a way through:

But realised there was no way to get through the fence!

Sofy may have been considering jumping, looking up to see how high the fence is:

Wiggle and Sofy say: "Wee Strike has now started!"

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

I would feel in heaven is I wake up in the morning and a Lab is sleeping beside me with his/her legs up on the air.
I think the fence should go inside the grass at least 30 cm. in just a section. If I was a Lab, switching from grass to hard surface is a big deal. Maybe a small plastic green carpet that could be wash trick their minds...