Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,244

The mystery of the big box is revealed!

A big bag of Symply dog food!

Wiggle and Sofy were approached and asked to be product testers for the Symply range of petfoods. Of course asking Labrador's to test a food product may not bring the most scientific results as to be honest, there's not a lot they won't eat! However, the nice people at Pets Corner asked for feedback, so Wiggle and Sofy were happy to oblige - it is food after all!

The Symply range isn't one I'd come across before but having read the information on the website, it looked like a good product to try. We were sent the Senior/Overweight variety, which has added fish oils and glucosamine supplements, so for Wiggle being older and Sofy being, shall we say, 'chunky', it was a good choice. Here's the product info:


When introducing any new food, it's important to change gradually so today, Wiggle and Sofy had some of the Symply food mixed in with their usual kibble:

Wiggle didn't hesitate and was happily tucking in:

Sofy was much quicker and had finished already!

I will continue to replace their usual kibble with the Symply food and report back over the coming weeks!


Fernando F. said...

now we know why Sofy looks Chunky... she inhales her food :P
the product sounds very natural. that's always good.
Wiggle's face is asking for full access to that bag.

Teagan said...

At last... 10 days late but I finally get to find out what was in that parcel!!
I do think that's a bit cheeky sending you the Senior / Overweight variety... you'd have thought they could have decanted it into a bag for Young and Active or something like that... a dog can get a complex about that sort of thing!
I'm not a kibble type dog, but it does sound good..