Monday, 13 June 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,089

I've had an absolutely fantastic birthday weekend, spent some lovely time with family and friends and was very lucky to be treated to tickets to see Take That in concert in Manchester last night!

While I was enjoying the concert and then staying overnight in a 5 star hotel, Wiggle and Sofy were staying with Allan and Nathan, enjoying lots of fuss and attention and playing outside.

They also spent some time relaxing.....

Wiggle and Sofy were apparently very well behaved houseguests and must have had fun as since getting home, they've both hardly moved!

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Anonymous said...

staying away from mom for a couple of days must feel like camping for Wiggle and Sofy.
They are such a good team that I'm sure they managed to "survive" without mom.

p.s.: Fernando1958 writing all the way from Mississauga, Ontario :) without my password for Google :(