Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Wiggle - Day 902

No blog yesterday unfortunatey as Wiggle was far too busy sulking - I had been to the Bath Christmas Markets with my mum and left Wiggle and Sofy here. No doubt Wiggle was remembering when I took him last year and he got to snack on nommy hotdogs!

And to add to Wiggle's reasons for sulking, tonight Sofy went out in the car, leaving Wiggle here at home! It was only to the vets though for her vaccination booster and annual checkup.

Sofy was given her booster injection and the vet said she is in very good health, so thats great!

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Fernando F. said...

I don't want to tell on Wiggle... but while you were out, he was tweeting about last year's ride to the Market... he was not a happy boy yesterday :)