Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wiggle - Day 832

Wiggle was allowed one more birthday treat last night - to sleep on my bed!

If he could talk for himself, I am sure Wiggle would like to thank everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes and especially thank his girlfriend, LucytheLab for the gift she sent, and also say thank you to Lucy, Valerie and Stuart for their card and gift.

Today Wiggle has been to the vet for his annual booster and check up. As we were in a bit of a rush, Wiggle was all boingy and bouncy and did lots of little jumps with his front feet while the vet was trying to examine him! It was all fine though, and after coming home for dinner, it was a run around the field in the dark!

After all that rushing around, Wiggle settled down to rest and its where he's been for the last hour or so!

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Fernando F. said...

that picture of him sleeping in the bed shows how love he is and he knows everything is all right in his World. is a very relaxing picture.
there is not a change that he could have a better life with somebody else... except Lucy's mom :) or Bear's mom... but in any case is a tie.