Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wiggle - Day 818

Tonight I came home from work and got changed, ready to go straight to the Downs. Sofy wasn't so sure though and didn't want to leave the kitchen as the usual routine is dinner time when I get home in the evening.

Wiggle went in the car but Sofy sat in the hallway, looking in the kitchen, then looking at me. She clearly had a big decision to make but eventually came out to the car. This must have been a traumatic time for Sofy as she grumbled all the way to the Downs!

Once out of the car, the grumbling stopped and it was play time, although Wiggle was a little windswept:

Sofy's on her way back with the ball:

Then Wiggle had a turn with the ball:

Somehow Sofy managed to get the ball attached to her collar.....


Lucy the Lab said...

Now, how did Sofy manage that? A very sneaky way to keep the ball from you, Wiggle!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Fernando F. said...

Sofy is so proud of her new "medal".
That reversible ear is funny. I noticed also the tail moving very fast.
Poor Sofy... something alter her schedule without warning :)

Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

We are all creatures of habit Wendy, including our dogs! :0))