Sunday, 13 November 2016

Life as an only dog

Sofy is adjusting to life on her own although I know she must miss Wiggle, just as I do.  A couple of times now when we have been out and seen a Black Lab she has got very excited and pulled me towards them as if she thinks its Wiggle.  

Of course it isn't him and seeing her disappointed and confused expression is hard for me.  But now she gets all of my attention, I think she is happy.  She takes an interest in what I'm doing around the house but isn't clingy, which is good as I still have to work.  I watch her on the camera and she spends most of her day sleeping in the armchair, which is what she has always done.

Yesterday she helped me in the garden although I wasn't sure that sitting on the piles of leaves I had raked was especially helpful, but we keep each other company.  Hopefully one day we will have another Labbie in our lives and I have offered to foster, but for now we will be patient.

Right now Sofy is next to me on the sofa, snoring loudly as she is tired after making the most of a lovely autumn day; cold but sunny, we went up to the Downs.

The leaves were beautiful in the sunshine:

Sofy was nicely colour co-ordinated with her surroundings:

Solo Sofy:

Enjoying the sunshine;

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