Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Wiggle - Day 3,044. The Last Day

Yesterday was the saddest day of my life.  The day I said my final goodbye to Wiggle.

After having celebrated his birthday last week, Wiggle's health and well being declined so quickly it came as a shock to me.  Thursday and Friday he only managed short walks and wasn't very hungry, only eating a few chunks of his tinned meat.

On Saturday I made him some pancakes with maple syrup but he didn't want them although he had always enjoyed pancakes before.  

I helped him up a few times and we tried to go for a walk but Wiggle only went to the end of the street and back.  By then, I was fearing the worst and my heart was breaking but I knew I had to do what was right for him.

On Sunday I called the vets and made an appointment for Monday afternoon.  I got Wiggle into the car and took him to my parents to say goodbye.  Still not wanting to eat much, I got Wiggle lots of tasty snacks to see if he could be tempted to eat and he did manage some ham and smoked salmon.

By Monday, Wiggle wasn't able to get up by himself at all.  I'd been sleeping downstairs with him since Friday and he had been trying to get up in the night so I helped him get to his puppy pads as he didn't want to go outside.  We didn't sleep much and after it had gotten light and Sofy had eaten her breakfast, I helped him outside but even that wore him out.

I knew it was the right time to let him go.  My handsome, special, loyal, clever Wiggle was too tired to carry on, even for me.  I put his harness on to be able to help him on his feet and he spent some time in the garden, sniffing the air.

Then it was time to leave.  Sofy said goodbye, licking his face and watching him as I got Wiggle in the car.  We stopped at Maud Heath on the way, Wiggle laying in the car feeling the warmth of the sun on his soft fur for one last time.  I hugged him and cried and told him how special he is and how much love I would always feel for him.

Once at the vets, Malcolm agreed it was the right decision and helped me get Wiggle up on the table.  Wiggle didn't struggle, just lay with me holding him, crying into his fur, stroking him and telling him how much I loved him.  His passing was peaceful; it was the right time.  

Now my heart is breaking for the loss of my one in a million boy.  He arrived in such a neglected condition and despite not being loved, he was ready to give love.  We had so many wonderful adventures and he was a great ambassador for Labrador Rescue South East & Central.

But he's gone, free from pain.  The pain left now is mine but in time the happy memories will take over.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Wiggle, chatted with him on Twitter and shared his life with us.  

Wiggle, 28.09.2002 - 03.10.2016


MissKelly said...

What a lovely boy. I let my old fella go last Tuesday. He suddenly got ill as well. He was 15 but it was still a shock. You have my deepest sympathy. I know how heartbroken you are because I am too xx

MissKelly said...

What a lovely boy. I let my old fella go last Tuesday. He suddenly got ill as well. He was 15 but it was still a shock. You have my deepest sympathy. I know how heartbroken you are because I am too xx

Ray and the Gang said...

While we love all our furfriends, there is often one that is our Heart Dog. For me it was Mr. Shaq. For you it is Wiggle.

When he gave you his last nuzzle he passed you a piece of his heart so that he would always be with you. And you gave him a piece of yours so he will always know how loved he was.

I was glad to see that he was there for his birthday so that the two of you could spend that special moment together.

Thank you for sharing Wiggles amazing Journey with all of us.

Ray & The Gang

Rogue Lab said...

Oh my god. I loved reading about this dog so much. So much so that 7 years ago I had a litter of labs and kept my pick of the litter. A beautiful big block headed black lab that I named Wiggles. He will carry on that wonderful Wiggles name. I'm so sorry to hear that his namesake has passed on. Heart braking!

Thomas Archer said...

Sweet, hansum boy *sobs* Run free, soar with angels, play in rainbows .. 'til we meet again xxx

FerFer1958 said...

I had a wonderful cat in Peru named Kiko. He was super special to me. Received me each time I got back home.
I rescued one recently from the streets, after feeding him daily for 5 months and I named him Kiko. He is also amazing, except when he bites my ankles and knees to wake me up in the morning :)

They steal our hearts. They are our sons and daughters.
Is all about unconditional love.
Wiggle got that and more.
Thanks, Wendy, for sharing his life with us.

Ray and Maddie said...

What heart breaking news. I remember Wiggle doing the Good Citizen Dog award training the same time as Maddie, with Sir H looking on. It is so sad when they leave us but I am sure that you know that you gave a wonderful dog the best possible life. Whilst Wiggle can never be replaced I am sure that there are many more Labs out there in need of the special sort of love and devotion that you and Sofy have to give. I will miss following Wiggle's blog. Take care Wendy. Rest in Peace wonderful Wiggle.
Best Wishes Ray and Maddie.

Ray and Maddie said...
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Random Reader said...

Hi Wendy
It's Marion from Cumbria here. Archie turned 14 today and it set me to thinking about Wiggle. I had it in my mind that he was a little bit younger than Arch & I did a Google search to see if his blog was still going & how he was. I was shocked to find you lost him last year - a day after his 14th birthday too. I am so very sorry for your loss.

I was so glad I got to meet Wiggle that time you were up here along with Sir H. Of course I also remember Bumpy and Poppy - we all go back a while don't we!

Archie is doing OK. Age has started creeping up on in him a bit, he's hearing isn't great nor his eyesight & he's had a sore leg which has meant restrictive walking but he's getting over that now. No one who meets him for the first time can believe his age and I've been asked how old my puppy was a few times in recent months. Even our new vet didn't believe his age when he first saw him shortly before his 13th birthday.

I am glad to see Sophy is doing well and has a couple of friends staying. I shall try and keep up better with this blog and to follow your adventures.

Love Marion, Ruby and Archie