Sunday, 23 October 2016

One day at a time...

We miss Wiggle so much.  Every single day, we miss him.  He was such a big part of our lives and even though he had been less active in his old age, home seems so empty without him.

Even in his old age, Wiggle was a character.  He would follow me to the kitchen and look at me with a quizzical expression, hoping for a snack.  I would sneak him a biscuit while Sofy wasn't looking.  When we went for our little walks, he would go where he wanted, even if he needed to pull me.  When he decided he didn't want to eat from his food bowl I would feed him by hand, which he approved of.  

It will get easier, I know, but at the moment it's still very strange to not have Wiggle here.  His ashes are home and I thought that would bring some peace but sadly, not yet.  I know without any doubt that it was the right time to let him go but knowing that doesn't lessen the sadness.

Meanwhile, Sofy is being a Very Good Girl and I guess it's an adjustment for both of us.  I watch her on the camera from work and she sleeps in the armchair or on the rug if there's a sunpuddle.

Since she's been on her own, Sofy plays with toys again, something she hadn't done for a while.  In Wiggle's latter months, he lost interest in toys and Sofy did too but now she makes me smile by whapping a toy or pushing one at me so I'll play tuggy with her.

While our autumnal weather has been good, we've been getting out, going across the fields nearby and up to the Downs, trying to think of the many happy memories of Wiggle being with us on our walks.  

I know that in time the happy memories will take away the sadness, but for now, we just take each day one day at a time.

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FerFer1958 said...

looking the pictures I can only remember Wiggle running around those fields. And I can only conclude that Wiggle's spirit is in those fields. That was his Kingdom.

you need to push the sadness away. Wiggle wouldn't like to see you sad because of him when in life he always try to make you feel happiness only. Post pictures of Sofy often.
I used to feed my Maine Coon from my lips every day, kibble by kibble. When he was gone I thought that feeding system was gone for good. Now I have 2 new cats and both learn and love the feeding from the lips system :)