Sunday, 5 June 2016

Wiggle - Day 2,924

Wiggle went for his last hydrotherapy session this week.  Sadly he finds it too tiring to swim much and although he is excited and happy to be there, his old body just doesn't have the energy any more.  It does make me sad as its another reminder that he is very much in retirement these days but to give him a treat, we stopped at Subway on the way home so he could have a grilled ham and cheese sub:

Lilly is still with us so today I took the girls to Virginia Water in Windsor Great Park to meet up with Mindy, Cato and Haggis.  All 4 Labbies were very happy to see each other again and wasted no time in having some fun:

Lilly and Sofy are best friends and enjoyed their day out:

Wiggle stayed home but did manage a little walk to the green at the end of our road.  He finds it tiring but he still wants to go out so we go at his pace.  Then he comes home and rests:

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