Sunday, 28 December 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,378

Wiggle and Sofy have enjoyed the Christmas break.  We started the holidays with a chilly Christmas Eve walk, up on the Downs:

Wiggle was doing his own thing, wandering along, carrying his ball:

All three of us:

Wiggle, running to the sun:

Happy boy:

Sofy didn't mind the cold afternoon - not when it was so sunny:

Chilly, but sunny:

Christmas Day meant presents and roast turkey dinner leftovers for Wiggle and Sofy so by Boxing Day we were all looking forward to getting out for some more off-lead time.

We went up to Maud Heath which is always full of interesting smells:

Sofy was trying to tell me that she needed a treat:

Wiggle, meanwhile, was once again doing his own thing:

Sofy was happy when she found a muddy puddle:

Wiggle had his ball, as usual:

Enjoying the view:

Wiggle has always liked to be at the front of our walk, so now he is slowing down, I hang back to let him think he's got to wait for me:

Even though he didn't do much running, Wiggle still had a good time:

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Milo and Jet said...

Hi Wiggle & Sofy
Sounds like you had a great christmas and that looks like a lovely walk you went on. Milo & Jet